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Quickly jumps between other symbols found at point in Emacs.

How it works

Smart Scan will try to infer the symbol your point is on and let you jump to other, identical, symbols elsewhere in your current buffer with a single key stroke. The advantage over isearch is its unintrusiveness; there are no menus, prompts or other UI elements that require your attention.


(package-install 'smartscan)

Enable minor mode (smartscan-mode 1) or with M-x smartscan-mode.


M-n and M-p move between symbols and type M-' to replace all symbols in the buffer matching the one under point, and C-u M-' to replace symbols in your current defun only (as used by narrow-to-defun.)

For more information on how to use Smart Scan and how to master movement in Emacs, read my article on Effective Editing I: Movement.