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StackOverflow Search (SOS) mode for Emacs.


Invoked with the sos command

M-x sos

Enter your query and search results are displayed with their excerpts in an org-mode buffer:

M-x sos RET why is emacs so awesome? RET

In the search results buffer, if you have a question at point, you can use sos-answer to retrieve all answers for that question. You can also press “A” on the question to run sos-answer.

M-X sos-answer

How Does It Look

emacs sos search results screenshot

Alternatives to sos-mode

There's an alternative to sos-mode floating out there: sx.el which uses the Stack Exchange API and works with more than just StackOverflow.

Copyright and License

Licensed under the GNU GPL v3, see LICENSE for full text of license.

Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Rudolf Olah