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Thumb Through Mode

By Andrew Gwozdziewycz, licensed under the GNU GPLv3

Thumb Through is a simple mode for GNU Emacs which parses the meat out of a URL and presents it in a simple manner, similar to InstaPaper or Readability



Currently, thumb-through relies on text please and curl, in lieu of emacs URL and HTML parsing.


Copy thumb-through.el to a location within the emacs load-path and run

(require 'thumb-through)

That's it!


Mark a URL and M-x thumb-through-region will get you a thumb-through buffer.

M-x thumb-through will prompt you for a URL, or introspect whatever is at point, and you'll be good to go.

This functionality doesn't yet exist, but probably will at some point moving forward.

Within a thumb-through buffer, there are a few keybindings that are used to navigate to links and headers:

n - next anchor p - previous anchor RET - jump to current anchor SPACE - next page