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Tup Mode for GNU Emacs

This is a major mode for Emacs made for editing ‘tupfiles’, files used by the Tup build system.


Tup mode provides syntax highlighting for all of the elements of tupfiles, such as rule definitions, user-defined variables, macros, flags, bin variables, and so on. The mode also allows you to execute Tup commands. It binds the following key sequences:

  1. C-c C-i: tup init
  2. C-c C-u: tup upd
  3. C-c C-m: tup monitor
  4. C-c C-s: tup stop
  5. C-c C-r: tup refactor
  6. C-c C-o: tup options
  7. C-c C-t: tup todo

If you use a prefix argument with C-c C-u, e.g. if you press C-u C-c C-u, then Tup mode will prompt you for the name of a variant. It will then run Tup to build that specific variant. And in either case the command will show you a *Tup* buffer containing the output from Tup so that you can see if the build succeeded or not.


  1. Steve Purcell
  2. Jonas Bernoulli
  3. nshepperd


GNU General Public License Version 3


Tup Mode follows Semantic Versioning. See the comments in the Code section of tup-mode.el for a description of what belongs to the public API and what does not.