git clone 'git://github.com/apgwoz/unipoint.git'

unipoint-mode is a simple way to insert common mathematical unicode codepoints into an Emacs buffer.

To use:

$ cp unipoint.el /path/to/somewhere/in/load-path

From Emacs:

M-: (require 'unipoint) M-x unipoint-mode

Or, add it to your .emacs

(require 'unipoint)

This will bind C-\ to unipoint-insert which allows you to type a TeX symbol and get a codepoint. Or, change an already type TeX symbol name into its unicode representation.

This idea was inspired by an email from a friend:

DrRacket lets you enter common Unicode characters by typing their LaTeX name followed by control-. For example, you type ∈ by typing “", ”i“, ”n“, ”control-". It's easy enough that I use Unicode in my code all the time.

See TUTORIAL.txt for more information.