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Manage Vagrant boxes from Emacs.

This package lets you send vagrant commands while working within a project containing a Vagrantfile.

It will traverse the directory tree until a Vagrantfile is found and assume this is the box you want to work with. It can be handy to bring a box up, (re)provision, or even ssh to without leaving emacs.


If you have a recent Emacs with package.el, you can install vagrant from MELPA.

Or via el-get

Or manually add to your emacs load-path.


The emacs command vagrant-up will run vagrant up in a shell, other commands follow the pattern vagrant-X emacs command runs vagrant X in the shell. An exception is vagrant-edit, which will open the Vagrantfile for editing.

When vagrant commands are given a prefix, you will be prompted for a box name. For example: C-u M-x vagrant-up

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