git clone 'git://'


This package allows you to automatically commit all the changes of a repository. It is useful when you have a project that needs to be put under a version control system but you don't want to write any commit message.


Install the ELPA package from MELPA with M-x package-install RET vc-auto-commit or put vc-auto-commit.el in you load path and require it somewhere in your .emacs.

(require 'vc-auto-commit)

Then, to activate the auto-commiting feature: lisp (vc-auto-commit-activate)


A repository can be marked for auto-committing if its root is listed in vc-auto-commit-repository or if a buffer visiting a file belonging to that repository has a buffer-local value vc-auto-commit non-nil. This is typically done with a dir-locals.el file.

You can auto-commit all repositories with vc-auto-commit-all. This is automatically done when quitting emacs. You can also force auto-committing a repository even if it is not marked as one with vc-auto-commit.