git clone 'git://'


This is an Emacs extension that warns you when you are about to quit Emacs and leaving a git repository that has some file opened in Emacs in a dirty state.

agenda screenshot

Oups! Looks like there is changes waiting to be committed!

Currently only git repositories are supported with the file vc-git-check-status.el. Feel free to write corresponding file for other VCSes.


This package is available on MELPA, just type: M-x package-install RET vc-check-status. You then need to enable it: M-x org-context-activate.

You just have to put the files vc-check-status.el and vc-git-check-status.el in you load path, require the feature from your .emacs and activate it.

(require 'vc-check-status)
(vc-check-status-activate 1)


By default, changes and unpushed commits are checked in all git repositories. You can change this behavior by tweaking the variables vc-check-alist and vc-check.