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Workgroups for Emacs

Workgroups is a session manager for Emacs.

You can also restore such buffers as: org-agenda, shell, magit-status, help.

Fork it, add more special buffers support. Or even better - fix bugs.


Just install “workgroups2” from Melpa and activate it with

(require 'workgroups2)
;; Change some settings
(workgroups-mode 1)        ; put this one at the bottom of .emacs


Most commands are bound to both <prefix> <key> and <prefix> C-<key>.

By default prefix is: “C-c z” (To change it - see settings below)

<prefix> <key>
<prefix> c    - create workgroup
<prefix> A    - rename workgroup
<prefix> k    - kill workgroup
<prefix> v    - switch to workgroup
<prefix> C-s  - save session
<prefix> C-f  - load session


If you want to change some settings - here is an example:

(require 'workgroups2)
;; Your settings here

;;(setq wg-session-load-on-start t)    ; default: (not (daemonp))

;; Change prefix key (before activating WG)
(setq wg-prefix-key (kbd "C-c z"))

;; Change workgroups session file
(setq wg-session-file "~/.emacs.d/.emacs_workgroups")

;; Set your own keyboard shortcuts to reload/save/switch WGs:
;; "s" == "Super" or "Win"-key, "S" == Shift, "C" == Control
(global-set-key (kbd "<pause>")     'wg-reload-session)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-S-<pause>") 'wg-save-session)
(global-set-key (kbd "s-z")         'wg-switch-to-workgroup)
(global-set-key (kbd "s-/")         'wg-switch-to-previous-workgroup)

(workgroups-mode 1)   ; put this one at the bottom of .emacs

More options

You can use M-x customize-group workgroups to see all variables and faces to change.

;; What to do on Emacs exit / workgroups-mode exit?
(setq wg-emacs-exit-save-behavior           'save)      ; Options: 'save 'ask nil
(setq wg-workgroups-mode-exit-save-behavior 'save)      ; Options: 'save 'ask nil

;; Mode Line changes
;; Display workgroups in Mode Line?
(setq wg-mode-line-display-on t)          ; Default: (not (featurep 'powerline))
(setq wg-flag-modified t)                 ; Display modified flags as well
(setq wg-mode-line-decor-left-brace "["
      wg-mode-line-decor-right-brace "]"  ; how to surround it
      wg-mode-line-decor-divider ":")


Hooks' names can tell when they are executed

workgroups-mode-hook                    ; when `workgroups-mode' is turned on
workgroups-mode-exit-hook               ; `workgroups-mode' is turned off


For you:

  1. <prefix> ? or (wg-help) - help buffer listing all the commands and their bindings.
  2. M-x customize-group RET workgroups RET - all customization options

For me:

  1. Reporting a bug - give me full (backtrace) of what happened and how you did it.
  2. Requesting a major-mode support - write how you install, configure and run yours.
  3. Make pull-requests
  4. Ask questions (if you don't know how to hack it). Personally I found the code very complex at first


GPL. This extension is based on experimental branch of the original repo.