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Emacs wwtime

This library inserts a time of day with appropriate world-wide localization

I frequently arrange teleconferences with participants from several time zones. In an effort to reduce confusion about the time of the meeting, I try to publish the time in several relevant time zones.

But correctly calculating EST, PST, GMT, CET, and JST, for example, requires too much thought. That's what computers are for. And since I'm usually sending email reminders of the meeting time, that's what Emacs is for. And that's what this code is for.



wwtime will prompt for the time of day in the minibuffer. The time entered will be inserted into the current buffer in each of the time zones listed in wwtime-display. Note that the time can be entered in any time zone, but will always be displayed in the time zones listed in wwtime-display (and the time zone entered, even if it is not a member of wwtime-display).

The time displayed will be followed by a + or - to indicate tomorrow or yesterday (with respect to the time zone entered).


wwtime-convert prompts for a time of day and two time zones. It converts the time from the first time zone to the second and displays the result in the minibuffer.


Given the default settings, (wwtime) for “15:00 AKST” will insert: “15:00AKST (07:00p EST, 04:00p PST, 00:00GMT+, 01:00CET+, 09:00JST+) ”


There are five customization variables. As of version 1.1, you can set these with the Emacs customization feature. Wwtime is in the “Convenience” group under M-x customize.

Customization example

Here's the relevant section of my ~/.emacs file, for example:

(autoload 'wwtime "wwtime" nil t)
(autoload 'wwtime-convert "wwtime" nil t)

(setq wwtime-time-zones (append wwtime-time-zones '(("India" +5.5 "India"))))
;(setq wwtime-display '("EST" "PST" "GMT" "CET" "JST" "India"))
;(setq wwtime-display '("EDT" "PDT" "GMT" "BST" "CEST" "JST" "India"))
(setq wwtime-display '("EDT" "PDT" "GMT"))
;(setq wwtime-display '("EST" "PST" "GMT"))
(setq wwtime-ampm '("EST" "CST" "MST" "PST" "AKST"
                    "EDT" "CDT" "MDT" "PDT" "AKDT"

I uncomment the relevant wwwtime-display settings depending on the season of the year and the number of timezones involved in my telcons.