git clone 'git://github.com/CQQL/xresources-theme.git'


This theme reads it's colors from your ~/.Xresources file, so that you can easily keep your emacs theme in sync with your xterm and other X applications.

In Action

Here you can see xterm and emacs, both configured with the .Xresources version of solarized.



Configure your theme in your ~/.Xresources like

*foreground: #000000
*background: #FFFFFF
*color0: #111111
! ...
*color15: #FFFFFF

You can also set colors specifically for emacs like

emacs*background: #123456

although this defies the whole purpose of this theme.

Remember, that an X application gets it's resources at startup. So to make changes in your ~/.Xresources apply to your emacs, you have to reload the resource configuration with xrdb ~/.Xresources and then restart your emacs.