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What's this?

This is a extension of Emacs provides framework about exception like Java for Elisp.


Grammar like Java's try/catch/finally/throw

You can write like the following about exception.

    (delete-file "not found"))
  (yaxception:catch 'file-error e
    (message "Error happened by handling file : %s" (yaxception:get-text e)))
  (yaxception:catch 'error e
    (message "Error happened by something : %s" (yaxception:get-text e))
    (yaxception:throw e))
    (message "finished doing")))

Customized Error

For customizing error, you can write like the following.

;; define hoge-error as child of file-error
(yaxception:deferror 'hoge-error
                     "Errored by hoge file - path:[%s] size:[%s]" 'path 'size)

;; raise customized error
(yaxception:throw 'hoge-error
                  :path "c:/hoge.txt"
                  :size (nth 7 (file-attributes "c:/hoge.txt")))

Stacktrace like Java

If want to get stacktrace, the way is only getting the buffer named “\*Backtrace\*” as far as I know.
But it has some bad points. List them at the following … - It need (setq debug-on-error t). - The buffer has trouble for seeing its stacktrace because all of function/special-form shown. - Can't get string of stacktrace without popup the buffer.

So, it's enabled that you get the string of stacktrace easy for seeing.
For example, if you write the following.

(defun aaa (aa bb &optional cc) (bbb bb))
(defun bbb (bb) (ccc))
(defun ccc () (replace-regexp-in-string " " "" 'hogege))
(defun xxx (zzz) "xxx")
(defun yyy () "yyy")

    (xxx "hoge")
    (aaa "ABC" "DEF" '("GHI" "JKL")))
  (yaxception:catch 'error e
    (message "%s" (yaxception:get-stack-trace-string e))))

Then, output the following.

Exception is 'wrong-type-argument'. Wrong type argument: sequencep, hogege
  at replace-regexp-in-string(\" \" \"\" hogege)
  at ccc()
  at bbb(\"DEF\")
  at aaa(\"ABC\" \"DEF\" (\"GHI\" \"JKL\"))
  in yaxception:try

List function only.
I want to list macro, but I don't know the way that discriminate macro from builtin special-form.


If use package.el

2013/07/19 It's available by using melpa.

If use el-get.el

2013/07/26 It's available. But, master branch only.

If use auto-install.el

(auto-install-from-url "https://raw.github.com/aki2o/yaxception/master/yaxception.el")


Download yaxception.el and put it on your load-path.



Write the following in the elisp.

(require 'yaxception)

Start handling exception

Use yaxception:$ for starting handling exception.
yaxception:$ receive the following arguments.
1. A sexp of yaxception:try . 2. The sexp of yaxception:catch or yaxception:finally. This is optional.

yaxception:$ has the following specification.

Catch exception

Use yaxception:catch for each error which you want to catch.


    ;; The error which you want to catch

    ;; The variable which you want to use as the error

    ;; If catch the error, run and return the last sexp returned
    (message "Error happened by something : %s" (yaxception:get-text err))
    (yaxception:throw err))

Match exception

Error symbol has error-conditions. e.g. file-error has (file-error error).
If happen file-error,
run (yaxception:catch 'file-error ...) or (yaxception:catch 'error ...) first.

Throw exception

You can use yaxception:throw to signal error anywhere.
yaxception:throw has the following way for use.

;; Throw the error object directly
(yaxception:throw err)

;; Signal the error of the symbol
(yaxception:throw 'file-error)

;; If signal, you can give the keyword arguments.
;; Their value is replaced with the special part of the error message.
;; You can get them by yaxception:get-prop.
(yaxception:throw 'hoge-error
                  :path "c:/hoge.txt"
                  :size (nth 7 (file-attributes "c:/hoge.txt")))

Customize exception

You can use yaxception:deferror to define the customized error.


 ;; The error symbol. It's OK that it's defined not yet.

 ;; THe parent of the error. If nil, this value is 'error.

 ;; The message of the error. This value is passed to format.
 "Errored by hoge file - path:[%s] size:[%s]"

 ;; The keyword symbol replaced with the special part (e.g. %s) of the above message.
 ;; See "Throw exception" section above.
 'path 'size)


For getting the message of the error, you can use yaxception:get-text.
For getting the property of the error, you can use yaxception:get-prop.
For getting the stacktrace of the error, you can use yaxception:get-stack-trace-string.


Get stack trace with keep performance

yaxception:$ makes a stack trace using signal-hook-function when error happens.
Normarlly, the cost almost don't come a trouble. However, it happens a slowness in a few case.
At present, here is the well-known cases.
- use the features of defclass

If your code matches them in yaxception:$, it's recommended to use yaxception:$~ as substitute for that.
yaxception:$~ keeps a performance in exchange for not making a stack trace.

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