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It display ghostly yesql defqueries inline. Like this:

The ghostly displays are inserted when cider-mode is entered, and updated every time you save.


I highly recommend installing yesql-ghosts through elpa.

It is available on marmalade and melpa:

M-x package-install yesql-ghosts

You can also install the dependencies on your own, and just dump yesql-ghosts in your path somewhere:


Add this:

(require 'yesql-ghosts)

somewhere, and the ghosts will appear once you enter cider-mode in a buffer with (defqueries "...") that points at an existing resource. To refresh, save or revert the buffer.

If you want to set up your own mechanisms to display and hide the ghosts, set yesql-ghosts-show-ghosts-automatically to nil, and use yesql-ghosts-display-query-ghosts and yesql-ghosts-remove-overlays yourself.

You can also include the descriptions from yesql, you know these ones:

-- name: insert-account!
-- Inserts the account

by setting yesql-ghosts-show-descriptions to t. I find it a bit much, personally.


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